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Where to go in Sarawak?
Discover the newest places and latest buzz popping up in town via our comprehensive database! With over 30 categories and counting… eateries, retail shops, places of interest, malls, hotels, healthcare and many more up-to-date business listings sprouting up all over Sarawak! Catch up or lose out.

Why SarawakDirectory?
We devote our time in making things more easy for you! Every single listing are handpicked and researched to ease your search. Just imagine having the company names, addresses, contacts, websites, writeups, reviews, photos& Google location to the listing at your fingertips! Helmed by a dedicated team, Sarawak Directory iscontinuously evolving to meet with your ever-changing needs and wants.

Integrate with Google Map
Most of our listings are connected with Google Maps to help ease your travel plans. We will even go an extra mile to pin-pointthe true coordinates of the listing’s location to ensure its accuracy; as we strongly belief that with this in placed, you can roam anywhere at ease and reaching your destination! Very soon, you’ll also get to access Google Street View before going to the actual place in person!